Nourish Your

body, mind, spirit + home


Attend A Gathering

Women's and Girls Groups are offered in sessions. Each session has a theme and there is movement, creative project, discussion, etc. Leave with tools you can use in your everyday life that will bring you calm and more joy.


Attend A Retreat

Are you longing for some ME time? Stressed out, overwhelmed or over scheduled? Put every one else first before you and then end up burndt out, resentful or just exhausted? Take a bold step - take a little time for you - I promise you will feel better, learn how to incorporate YOU into your daily life through quick, simple rituals and most importantly you will be happier, less stressed and experience more joy in your life.
You will leave feeling rejuvanated and with tools and strategies to make simple yet powerful changed in your everyday to honor you and ultimately show up happier & less stressed.


Hire me as your Coach

I help you access the wisdom and answers that already exist within you. In working with me, you will more self expressed, fullfilled and living a grander version of your best life. You will feel better, sleep better, have more energy and experience more JOY!